Monday, May 7, 2012

OTW: Estate Sales

This was the weekend that I became an estate sale non-virgin.  I can't think of a different, more appropriate way to say that.  So deal with it.

I also replaced my camera's battery charger so that I can actually add better photos to my blog.

Saturday morning, my dear friend Kelly picked me up (way earlier than I'd normally be awake) and drove me to my first ever estate sale.  It was fantastic.  I wanted to check out what they had, and surprised myself by not buying the only Pyrex I saw in the whole place.  Kelly, on the other hand, walked away with 2 sweet chairs, a lamp, and a bottle opener that stabbed her.

I was a little dismayed that I didn't buy anything, but it also encouraged us to check out another estate sale that was nearby.  And my goodness am I glad we did.  It was the cutest little house filled with mid century everything and great housewares.  Needless to say, I bought my fair share of neat things.

I went a little overboard on photographing the same things over an over but I just LOVED all the little details in everything I got.  BTW, I only spent $14 on all this.  So that's pretty swell.  I also forgot to take a picture of the 2 super cute mugs that I got.

So, pictured above:

  • 3 tea towels (one fall, one blueberry pie, and one awesome cinco de mayo one with a guy on a burro in a sombrero)
  • 1 crocheted placemat
  • 1 set of nice crochet hooks
  • 1 trivet covered in metallic bees
  • 2 plastic mint colored placemats
  • and a TON of awesome wrapping paper.
The wrapping paper?  I got a box full of it.  It's a bunch of one sheeters with cute patterns all over them.  I picked my favorites to share here.  I'm not sure what I'm going to do with them, it makes me wish I scrap booked.  But I'll be sure to get crafty with them sooner or later.

Other than estate sales, I spent the weekend lounging at home.  Seeing the Avengers (AMAZING).  And working on a DIY project that I'll be sure to share later this week.  

What about you, how did you spend your weekend?